Yuusha-hime Miria Episode 2

Oh dear, oh dear. …I am a courageous princess,…Why must I experience defeat for the first time against this mafia character? …Hmm, what is amiss? However, this is the duty of a brave princess, so why not? Because in my mind, I have a goddess… That is what the goddess says. Alright, I may not know, but I will gather my strength and continue! The adventures of Milia the Brave have commenced! From triumphantly vanquishing the wicked trolls of the town to journeying to the academy in search of information about the treasure, the adventure is filled with highs and lows! After all, this is how a hero’s quest should unfold! But what is this? Am I constantly being beaten? The magnificent hero princess dons resilient armor! It is supposed to be… What is happening, what is this? Is it a tight and revealing leotard?