Hajimete no Hitozuma Episode 6

Tomoko’s concern grew as she feared her son, Masanobu, would come home injured. Despite her inquiries, Masanobu remained tight-lipped about the cause of his injury, leaving Tomoko feeling helpless. The frustration weighed heavily on her.
One day, Togawa, a classmate of Tomoko’s, paid her a visit. He revealed that both Masanobu and himself were victims of bullying. Tomoko saw this as an opportunity to seek advice from Togawa, hoping to find a way to assist her son.
However, Togawa hesitated and disclosed that the reason behind the bullying was his position as an officer. Tomoko was taken aback by this revelation, but witnessing Togawa’s genuine concern, she attempted to uplift his spirits by placing a comforting hand on his chest.