Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi Episode 2

Mizuki has developed an unhealthy bond with Ema-nee, the stunning and composed student council president. Despite Mizuki’s determination that it’s only temporary, her intense feelings persist. In the school corridor, whenever Ema is around, Mizuki displays uncontrollable behavior. Ema, on the other hand, accepts it without hesitation, leading Mizuki into a whirlwind of immoral excitement that culminates in climax. As she regains her senses, Ema switches back to teasing Mizuki like an older sister. However, the younger brother’s pent-up desire continues to grow, pushing him to seek release. Simultaneously, a significant hidden secret is unexpectedly revealed, causing a drastic shift in the relationship between Ema and Mizuki.