Hatsukoi Jikan. Episode 2

A romantic and affectionate manga adaptation by Saimon, a skilled writer renowned for his heartfelt depictions of love and intimacy, has been transformed into an OVA. This captivating story revolves around a group of maids who also happen to be my classmates. Anri, one of the maids, dutifully prepares my lunch and ensures I wake up on time every morning, despite her nervous disposition. However, one fateful day, I accidentally left my girlfriend’s phone behind and upon returning to her room, I discovered her engaged in a private moment on her husband’s bed. Surprisingly, he requested her to engage in a passionate encounter with her usual spirited self, referring to it as a form of discipline. Despite their occasional quarrels, their bodies and emotions intertwine as they experience their first lovemaking session, brimming with affection. This is a tale of pure love, featuring a tsundere maid at its core.