Hajimete no Hitozuma Episode 5

A week prior to the final exam, Fujimaki found himself at a loss. This was due to his girlfriend attending a study camp with her club members. As he was preparing to head home alone, he unexpectedly ran into Satomi Kawai. Satomi was an individual with whom he had a close relationship while seeking advice regarding his girlfriend. Satomi, who was at risk of failing her exam, extended an invitation to Fujimaki to come to her house and help her study. However, Satomi, who had a natural inclination towards intimacy, preferred engaging in such activities rather than focusing on her studies. The next day, Fujimaki found himself conversing with Satomi’s mother until Satomi returned from her part-time job. The mother, who had a tendency towards physical contact and excessive affection, bore a striking resemblance to Satomi. Fujimaki was intrigued by the mother’s proximity and attractive appearance. As a gesture of gratitude for tutoring her daughter, she proceeded to reveal her chest in an attempt to entice him.