Doukyo Suru Neneki Episode 2

Yuuji typically commutes home alone on the train after his shift at the convenience store, but this time things are different. The slimy life form he cohabitates with has taken on the form of his coworker, Takamiya, and is present at their workplace. Yuuji is relieved to have completed his work without encountering Takamiya, but the amorphous creature happily engages him in conversation while still resembling Takamiya. As a result, Yuuji finds himself in a predicament with the girl sitting next to him. She playfully teases Yuuji, provoking the slime creature’s anger. However, Yuuji promptly apologizes and defuses the situation. Seeking solace in the bathroom, Yuuji tries to calm down while the slime creature struggles to control its anger. It then transforms into the same girl from earlier, assuming her appearance when she was a member of the swimming club, wearing a competitive swimsuit. Despite Yuuji’s surprise, the slimy life form splits and transforms into Takamiya, also donning a competitive swimsuit. Yuuji finds it challenging to suppress his sexual desire upon seeing the two of them in their revealing attire.